Purchase conditions

How to place the order?

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Purchase conditions

a) Making a commission in the supposition of the client's part of the legal conditions and of the conditions in which the legal information of the web is found.

b) Forms of payment:

Virtual TPV
c) Shipments: the shipment will be made through our workers. Once you have confirmed the shipment of the order, the customer says that the package in the period indicates.

The content of the package is considered at the moment in the transport and in the product to the customer. The client must verify the production and production of electronic mail.

d) Returns: elcorraldelpollo.com shows that the customer has rebutted, controlled and corrected their purchase will not accept any claim.

midominio.com will not accept returns for the product is not present at the perfect conditions.



The guarantee period of the most recent products is indicated in the network of consumer guarantees.

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